The Polymatic Platform

A complete end-to-end DevOps platform. Move to Kubernetes faster with a complete DevOps solution, including infrastructure, deployment, monitoring, security, and support tools.

Save On Costs

Optimized infrastructure auto-scaling and a complete platform using free open source software for cost efficient growth.

Cloud Scale

Get your fully automated operations and production ready Kubernetes clusters up in just one day!

Fast Deploys

Container based builds and deployments means you can deploy fast. The platform comes with all of the security, monitoring, and alerting tools you need.

Increase Developer Speed

The documentation is about 10 pages long. That's how simple it is. Still need help migrating your applications to Kubernetes? We can do the migration work for you.

Don't let your developers worry about operations. With a complete platform ready to go, your developers can focus on code, not maintenance. And there are a myriad of tools, like Review Apps (isolated environments by git branch), to help them be more productive.

  • Fully Automated, Ready To Use Infrastructure & Tooling
  • Migration To Kubernetes Consulting Available
  • Review Apps For Sharing & Testing Developer Branches

Focus On Your Business,
Not The Tools

The average DevOps salary is around $150k. It can take one or more engineers years to set up a complete end-to-end platform. That can limit your business' ability to grow and develop. Plus, DevOps is a high stress, high churn position where knowledge transfer of the tools can be expensive.

Other platforms like Heroku or offer similar, though not fully featured platforms and they become financially burdensome when your business starts to scale.

With Polymatic Systems, you have a fully featured platform on day one that is optimized to scale cost effectively.

This lets you focus on your business today and in future.

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A Cost Effective Scalable Solution

The autoscaling clusters already take full advantage of the cost savings options available through your cloud provider without having to worry about disruption to your work.

The infrastructure uses:

  • The Most Cost Effective Nodes
  • Almost No Cloud Vendor Specific Tools
  • Free Open Source Solutions

A Non-Proprietary Pipeline

The pipeline uses 100% open source tools that are popular and strongly supported by the community.

No need to worry about getting locked into a vendor or getting tied to a technology that might not have a long term future. More importantly, every tool is easily replaceable, so you can rest easy knowing you're not buying into a behemoth of a solution that does too much and is difficult to replace.

All the pipeline tools run on any cloud where you can run Kubernetes.


Monitoring and Alerts

All the tools you need to search logs, gather metrics, analyze traffic, and recieve alerts are ready on day one.

Review Apps

Launch isolated review environments based on git branches for faster development and testing

Secure Networks

Easily expose apps externally or internally. Apps are automatically created in a service mesh, so you get secure mTLS and traffic observability.

Automated Infrastructure

The infrastructure automatically scales to handle your application resource needs.

Application Monitoring

Aggregated logging, resource metrics, application performance, traffic observability, error reporting, and alerts. Ready to go on day one.

Container Builds

All you need to run your app on Kubernetes is the Dockerfile to build it.

Deployment as Code

All of the deployment specifics, including scaling behavior, endpoint configuration, and more, are stored as code in your project repositories. Even your environment variables have versioning!

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Get in touch and learn how to get your clusters up and running with your applications on them.

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