Kubernetes DevOps Solutions

Provision a complete end-to-end platform, get hands on expert consulting, or train your developers to build fast scalable application on K8s.


Move to Kubernetes faster with a complete, fully automated, cost saving DevOps solution, including infrastructure, deployment, monitoring, security, and support tools.


Have gaps in your infrastructure? Expert Kubernetes consulting will help your company fill in those needs, everything from setting up seemless scaling to advanced monitoring like services meshes.


The number one complaint developers have about Kubernetes is its complexity. Sign on for 1 to 2 week courses for your engineers and make Kubernetes a productive and enjoyable experience!

Make Kubernetes Easy

Kubernetes can be difficult and expensive without the right talent. Polymatic Systems specializes in making the journey to scalability and availability enjoyable.

  • Start Up? Get a fully featured automated platform.
  • Mid-journey? Get expert consulting to get you to the finish line.
  • New Engineers? Get personalized lessons from basics to advanced features.

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Get in touch and learn how to get your clusters up and running with your applications on them.

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